Facts about Mobile Website
Some facts about Mobile Website are:

  • 50% of local searches are done from mobile devices
  • There are 4 billion mobile phones in active use worldwide: 4 times more than PCs. In 2009, mobile web usage increased 148% globally and the numbers continue to rise. In fact, by the end of 2013, customers using the mobile web are projected to grow to 1 billion.
  • Experts predict that mobile interest use will soon surpass desktop internet use. That’s almost 30 million more than last year
  • Mobile-friendly websites have an average traffic increase of 15% and this is only going to grow
  • Studies show that visitors who access a full web site on their mobile phones complain about how much time and data is required to load the site and how hard it is to find the information they need. Most of these customers abandon such sites quickly out of frustration and are unlikely to return and, worse yet, look for a competitor with a more mobile-friendly site.

Do Mobile Website Matters?
Mobile is the perfect channel when it comes to user engagement on the fly. Users are using mobile based websites while travelling, watching, listening and so on. The result is simple if you want your products or solution to sell on the fly you must have to have a Mobile based website.
What really is a Mobile Website
The site which you see on your desktop computer or laptop does not mean its a mobile website. Mobile website are specially designed websites just for SMALL screen with the mobile audience in mind. Moreover, Mobile Website can help you bring loads of customers and drive conversions in no time. 
How to Design a Mobile Website
  • Keep it Quick
  • Keep it Simple, as simple is beautiful
  • Be Friendly
  • Design it specifically for small(mobile phones) & medium screens (ipads)
  • Make it Accessible anywhere, anytime
 Mobile Website Features
  • Call Us – One click for your customers to call you without having to dial!
  • Find Us – Gives people on the go easy access to your business on a Google map offering directions by utilizing GPS technology.
  • Call Me Back – Customers just click an icon on your mobile site, enter a phone number and you recieve an email where you would like call me back messages left.
  • Reservations – This feature lets your customers request a reservation.
  • Events Calender – Powerful feature which will publicize your events with an RSS feed.
  • Leave a Message – Customers can leave a message for you with one click.
  • Information Updates – Customers click here to opt-in receive your messages.
  • Coupon – Convert leads to business with special offers just for mobile users.
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Make yourself and/or your business available 24/7. Never loose your customers who love to shop on the fly.
5 Simple Steps to Make your Website into Mobile Website
    • SignUp
    • Enter Business Details
    • Add Mobile Detection Script in Your Desktop Website
    • Mobile Website Go Live
    • Start your conversion happily
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